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   Mold Inspection

Piedmont Environmental Services LLC (Piedmont Environmental) is VA State Licensed and board-certified to provide a mold survey of your property and conduct mold sampling using swabs, tapes and/or air sampling equipment. All samples are FedEx'd to an AIHA Accredited Laboratory for analysis. We then provide a concise report, detailing any observed building/property issues, a detailed report of the mold sampling and recommended remediation protocols if necessary. Click here for a example inspection report.

We use state of the art equipment such as moisture meters, hygrometers, and boroscopes along with our knowledge of psychrometry and building science to survey and inspect your property. We also can use thermal imagery in conjunction with standard testing procedures to evaluate areas of your building to locate moisture laden areas which could be attributing to or containing mold growth patterns . Thermal imagery is an invaluable tool that can help identify direct sources or causes of moisture entering within the building.

  The thermogram of this vinyl-sided 3-floor apartment house clearly shows the path of a serious leak from a washing machine on the third floor, which is completely hidden within the wall.  

Everybody has indoor mold, some just have it worse than others! Even if you can't see mold, it is there. The big question is, 'How bad is it?'"Higher risk" mold conditions are more easily recognized by the sudden visual appearance of emerging mold. Another and unmistaken evidence of this kind of mold problem is the presence of a pungent mildew or musty odor, even when mold is not visibly evident. The faintest whiff of this odor should immediately prompt one's concern about mold exposure and to take quick action to identify its cause and clean up the mold and mildew damage!

Every individual has a different sensitivity to mold. While one may experience extreme discomfort, others in the same environment have no symptoms. Those displaying no symptoms, however, can acquire a sensitivity to mold from prolonged exposures to it. Health implications include:

Headache, fatigue, shortness of breath.
Sinus congestion, coughing and sneezing.
Eye, nose, throat and skin irritation.
Dizziness, nausea and/or vomiting.

Individuals at highest risk for health complications from mold include:

Allergy and asthma sufferers.
People with respiratory disease.
Those with weak immune systems (elderly, youths and others).
Contact lens wearers

Different types of tests can be run to determine the types and levels of molds that may be present in the dwelling of concern. These are:   
Air Sample (Non-Viable) & lab analysis
Air Sample (Viable) & lab analysis
Swab Sample & lab analysis
Tape Sample & lab analysis
Carpet Sample & lab analysis

For a listing of some of the widely found fungi that are regularly tested for, view our Fungal Glossary for definitions of some of the various types.

If the home/property you are thinking about purchasing, leasing or renting has mold, do not panic! Unacceptable mold levels can be removed from the property, and then brought back to its original condition. Any water problem that is contributing to the mold growth, must also be fixed otherwise the mold will eventually grow back.