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   Mold Prevention
Piedmont Environmental now provides 30 and 50 year warranties on mold remediation and prevention projects for both existing homes and new construction, using our services and applications.
For new construction, we kill and remove any molds on the structure or shell of the house, and then seal the shell in a protective mold preventative that comes with a 50 year warranty against mold on the shell of the home. We can also work with the building contractor to apply our application on one or both sides of the drywall before installation to guarantee that these protected areas are free of mold for at least the life of most mortgages. For new homes with crawl spaces, we can work with the building contractor to help prepare and a custom crawl space solution that will help guarantee that your crawl space will be free of mold for 50 years and probably a lot more.

In addition to our warrantied applications, we can:

1) install exterior drainage systems
2) improve grading and/or landscaping
3) dehumidify mutiple areas
4) seal basement/crawl space
5) install sump pumps
6) A variety of crawl space systems can be implemented depending on the crawl space      6) configuration

On existing homes we can provide a 30 year warranty on our home and crawl space mold remediations. These services are designed for homes with or without existing mold concentrations. Using our services and applications to control and/or remove existing microbial contamination and to protect against future growth of fungi, we can apply our warranty to any part of your home that presently has or could have a mold problem.

Individuals planning on building their new home or property should strongly consider having that new home and themselves protected against mold. Mold can develop at any time with rapid spreading if the conditions are right. New construction NO MOLD warranties are for 50 years which is the highest in the industry. We are factory trained and certified, state licensed and insured to provide you with the services needed to have a mold free home. Please give us a call for your mold remediation and prevention solutions.

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