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   Mold Remediation

Piedmont Environmetal Services LLC (Piedmont Environmental), is a Virginia State Licensed Contractor, Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Remediation Contractor and EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm. We provide mold inspection and mold remediation (removal and cleanup) services using stringent IICRC requirements for residential and commercial properties to prevent cross contamination and provide professional expertise to remove your mold problem properly. All remediation projects are followed up with a final inspection with lab samples to ensure closure.

The Scope of a Mold Remediation

The first objective is to locate and identify, through lab testing if necessary, any existing mold conditions. The water and/or moisture migration problem that contributed to the mold growth must be fixed or mold will eventually grow back. Once the mold has been positively identified and the water source problem repaired, the remediation project takes on a process to clean, treat, repair and re-test.

We use a variety of specialized remediation equipment to contain, remove, and clean the mold in your building, including dry ice pellet or soda blasting when needed. Removing mold from mold laden structural components is not about cleaning it with bleach or just throwing contaminated materials in the trash. Treatment cannot be applied to a mold laden area to just kill, leaving dead (non-viable) mold behind. Dead mold is as allergenic as live mold, with the added complication that dead powderized mold is more easily aerosoled into the air as the building naturally breathes (drafts through the structure); thus creating a greater chance as mold exposure and allergenic reactions. Don't be fooled by false claims of just killing mold accompanied with worthless warranties. Our Mold Remediations can now come with 30 year warranties. Click here for information about our 30 and 50 year written warranties.

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The contaminated area and the contaminated material must be properly contained, removed, and,cleaned to prevent cross-contamination. If the mold is not removed properly using stringent IICRC procedures and specialized remediation equipment, cross contamination can cause previously clean areas of the building to become colonized with unwanted mold spores causing additional problems in the future.

Since mold is often found behind walls, ceilings and floors, it is often the case that the visible mold on a baseboard, molding, or along a window sill, for example, is only a fraction of the mold hiding behind a wall, floor or ceiling. We can use thermal imagery in conjuntion with standard testing procedures to evaluate areas of your building that may contain moisture and possible mold problems thus eliminating, in most cases, the guess work in locating and determining the extent of the mold contamination. We also take photographs before, during and after the remediation project and keep the client fully informed of findings and status throughout the project.

Proper procedures must also be used throughout the project to protect the remediation specialist and inhabitants of the building to prevent exposure health problems as well as to prevent mold cross-contamination in other areas of the building as previously mentioned.



Successful Consultation and Remediation of Mold Requires an Understanding of:

  Fungal and Bacterial ecology in various building systems.
Scientific knowledge of the morphology and ecology of specific biological agents.
An understanding of the health effects and risks associated with bioaerosol exposure.
Why the microbial contamination has occurred on certain structural components of house materials.
The ability to recommend and/or execute appropriate prevention, control, and remediation measures in cases of microbial contamination indoors.
Knowledge and experience in the use of biocides and preventatives.
Preventative treatment of obvious and conceited contamination.

All of our remediation projects are performed by certified and licensed experts in the fields of mold, indoor air quality and restoration. Our experts will save you time and money while avoiding additional damage to the building or indoor environment.