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   Thermal Imagery

Advanced Environmetal Services LLC (Piedmont Environmental),uses Infrared Thermal Imagery to evaluate certain areas of a building to identify areas of moisture within a building.

Infrared allows us to see what our eyes cannot. Infrared thermography cameras produce images of invisible infrared or "heat" radiation and provide precise non-contact temperature measurement capabilities.

Used in the inspection and detection of moisture and mold, infrared technology is an invaluable tool identifying moisture laden areas that may contain mold growth patterns, as well as to identify and isolate water migration problems within a building's envelope.

Examples of thermal imagery are found below:

The thermal image of this vinyl-sided 3-floor apartment house clearly shows the path of a serious leak from a washing machine on the third floor, which is completely hidden within the wall.
The thermogram (right) clearly shows a leaking bedroom ceiling unidentifiable in the photo to the left. The leak was assumed by the owner to originate in an upstairs marble-paneled bathroom in the $3 million home. The estimated cost to rip out and replace the marble to access the plumbing was estimated at $80,000! Further IR investigation absolved the bathroom and traced the source of the leak to a clogged weep hole under the threshold of a door leading to an upstairs porch.